A restaurant and sunset lounge that is truly unique is about to open in the heart of the port of Denia.

In just over ten days time the new Zahara Sunset Lounge will arrive in the marina of Denia with a unique and different concept that will not only attract the visits of those who like cool spots, Mediterranean lifestyle, fusion of cultures, and in general enjoy the most impressive sunsets in Denia but also those who are looking for something that is different and magnificent in style and ambience.

Zahara restaurant and sunset lounge is located in the most privileged area of Denia, in the heart of the marina where if you arrive early you will have a reserved seat to watch the most beautiful sunsets in Denia, However Zahara is more than just a cool place to watch the Mediterranean Sea and sun as we will now inform you.

First, we are going to tell you what this new sunset lounge is all about and why it is going to be the talk of the area as Zahara Sunset Lounge is being born to make a difference and is based on a unique concept where the atmosphere is taken care of as much as the food on offer. Zahara has two floors beautifully designed with the touch of interior design class that the Marina always looks for and downstairs in the restaurant the cuisine will be of Mediterranean fusion with added oriental and Moroccan touches. Thereare exquisite fresh meats from the most prestigious supplier in Valencia plus every day the freshest fish will arrive from the sea just yards away meaning that at Zahara you won’t find any ordinary dishes, everything is made with the best local ingredients plus designed for you to taste, feel and enjoy a wonderful authentic gastronomic experience. Add to this, touches of oriental spices and you will mentally visit the Far East as well as the Mediterranean.

Their magnificent chef Alejandro Gomez ( whom we will be featuring on our next article) brings with him a wonderful background as head chef in some of the most important restaurants and his ideas and menus will enhance your taste buds and want you to come back time and again.

The interior and exterior decoration is carefully designed and has been studied to the centimeter to transport you to another world with a mix of Mexico, Morocco and also that Mediterranean style that will leave anyone visiting captured in its ambience.. Everything is designed for you to enjoy an unique experience so that every time you visit you will feel that you feel totally blessed to have enjoyed the menus as a journey through the senses of taste and sight.

The impressive upper level that Zahara is now preparing for us will be the best place to visit for for the best evening events in Denia as Zahara has creared the best place to watch the sunsets of the marina and you will no doubt have no choice but to reserve the best seat in order to partake in one of their signature cocktails and to wait for the sun going down whilst enjoying the special views and the best atmosphere with friends .

The cuisine on the upper level rooftop will be a little more relaxed as it is looking to have some excellent music entertainment and will look to host some of the best parties in Denia whilst still maintaining the same high quality where the food experience will see you dining on specialist types of Nachos, Tacos, Sushi etc that is cooked in a specialist way that you have never tasted before and all will be cooked to perfection and very different in quality and look thanks to having some of freshest ingredients as mentioned above.

ZAHARA will be a very cool place to enjoy endless summer nights with your favourite drinks; cocktails, champagne… and without any doubt this will be the venue to visit as the best place to have fun, relax and meet your friends.

The opening is scheduled for the 20th of May, and the inauguration of the rooftop we expect to open on the 20th of June ….so if you have been waiting for something different and want to be seen in what will be the special place to visit on the 20th of May then contact us on the email below and we will take your details and you can discover the perfect venue for drinks and to dine in style with a view.

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